Moments: Evenings

Sun off the wing.jpg

Customers were streaming in and out of the store. It was a rainy day in July, and it was Sloss Fest, a music festival held at the old iron furnaces annually. As the rain pelted the roof and streets outside, people clambered for ponchos and rain jackets and rubber boots. 

I was safely stuck inside working until evening. By the time I exited the building and pointed my car towards home, the rain had subsided leaving the roads steaming in the summer heat. As I peaked the hill, Birmingham was on fire. 

Glorious oranges and yellows burst from the ground and licked the sides of the buildings. The sun was melting on the horizon and colors bounced off the glass of the city and reflected off the rising steam of the concrete and asphalt surrounding me.

Stopping wasn’t an option, so I continued on through the moment. The orange air swirling through my open windows, the music of life streaming from the speakers. I relaxed back into my seat, extended my arm out the window and ran my hand through the flames of the evening air. 

You should have seen that sun[set] with your own eyes. It brought me back to life. —John Mayer, 3x5
Amy Gravlee