Savor Every Bite

My plate was piled high with delicious breakfast foods. I had just fried some bacon, scrambled some eggs, and cut up some fresh watermelon. I stood at my counter blissfully devouring this splendid meal. As I chewed and swallowed my last strip of bacon, barely tasting it, I paused and looked at my plate. All that was left was my watermelon. I had prepared myself a delicious meal, yet I had not even taken the time to sit down and enjoy it. I picked up a slice of watermelon, dripping in its watery sweetness, and sat, determined to slow down. 

I am the type of person who eats delicious things with ferocity. Instead of savoring each delicious bite, I get excited and just want more of this good thing. I dated a guy that was just the opposite. He enjoyed a meal with painstaking slowness. I remember watching him once and thinking, “Man, I wish I could sit down and enjoy a meal that much.” He would eat cheesecake in the most sensuous way. In small bites followed by a blissful expression before taking another. Of course I would be done before the plate settled on the table and be forced to watch while salivating on my side of the table. 

I want to experience life like he experiences a meal. I want to savor it one delicious little moment at a time. I want to taste all the delicate flavors. As I strive to live more intentionally, I occasionally notice little moments of pure, unadulterated joy. Early morning car rides home from the farmers market, wind whipping my hair, the promise of home cooked meals in the future, and the perfect song on the radio. The joy of unwinding from a long day curled up with a book and surrounded by my boys. Laying in the cool grass under a blanket of stars. These moments are not profound in their complexity. They are profound in their simplicity. It’s the little joyful moments that make up a life. 

Of course it is easy to enjoy and long after those happy moments, but with happy moments come unhappy ones. But I want to savor these as well. If I am sad or lonely or angry, I want to feel it, understand it. Discover the root of my angst. That way when I move forward, these feelings are sated with the time I have spent and less likely to bubble up later. And when these feelings do arise again, I know and understand them better and therefore, myself better. Soak up all the pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment of a good moment. And get to the root of your less pleasurable emotions instead of allowing them to fester. Give them their due then move on. 

Feelings demand to felt and moments are meant to be lived. So get out there and experience this life. 

“And at the end of the day , your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.   —Shanti
Amy Gravlee