Love Yourself!: A recap of two weeks of self-love

The first two weeks of February were wonderful. It was nice to make an effort to acknowledge myself. It is always nice to give a little love, especially when you are the recipient. Here is a recap of my Instagram posts in case you missed the blessed event.

Day 1: It is February and the perfect time to show some self-love. Today, write down one thing you love about yourself and post it on Instagram.

Day 2: Rockin' my favorite outfit today! I have cultivated a wardrobe with only things that bring me joy, so picking an outfit that I love was pretty easy. It feels like springtime here in Alabama, so I went with my favorite bright button up shirt. My ripped jeans make me feel rebellious, and my sweet Nikes make me feel like a superhero. I am wearing a turquoise ring my mom gave me from when she was a little girl. And I LOVE a mix of bracelets. I'm feeling good and ready to rock!

Day 3: t is not too late to give yourself a big ole smile! It does wonders for the complexion, and some studies have even shown that smiling can make you happier. So give yourself a dose of self-love with a genuine smile.

Day 4: indulgence. It is wonderful to indulge in the finer things in life. My indulgence for my self-love challenge was some Endangered Species brand dark chocolate with cranberries and almonds washed down with some caramel almond amaretti tea from travail served in my airplane cup. Mmmmm! 

Day 5: "Your heart is just a beatbox for the song of your life" -Sande Thom. Make yourself a playlist that will make your heart sing and your feet dance. Be that crazy person jamming out on their way to work. Self-love day 5 is all about music. So compile that perfect playlist and sing yourself a love song.

Day 6: Self-love challenge day 6: sleep in. I am a bit of a morning person (understatement of the year), so sleeping in does not mean lingering in dream world. To me sleeping in means curling up under warm blankets and just staying in bed. This morning I curled up with a book and a puppy. Who wouldn't want to stay in bed with a cuddle buddy as cute as this one? Get out there and love yourself! But first get some sleep.

I did not post anything for days 7 and 8. THe challenges were a five-minute guided meditation and giving someone a genuine compliment. I felt a post commemorating these days would take away from purpose, but I can assure you they were wonderful days full of warm fuzzies.

Day 9: Today is favorite drink day! I went with a homemade recipe. I call it the Spiced almond milk latte. I got the recipe from@simplegreensmoothies and just added coffee. It takes a little more time than just regular cream so it is extra-special!

Day 10: Love yourself! Day 10: write down your dream. I have suffered from wanderlust for the past several years. All I can think about is how to get on the road full-time. I made the decision last year to work towards starting a freelancing career, so I can be location independent. I wish things were moving faster, but the pace is probably where it needs to be. Today, to get me closer to my dream, I forwent immediately logging in to Netflix, and instead did tasks to increase my skills as a copy editor. I am tired but I am worth it. 

Day 11: Love yourself! Day 11: special meal. I didn't know how much a needed a sit down dinner until tonight. I have been penny pinching a bit this year, but a dinner out was a nice treat. I even walked through the shop and like a little kid talked myself into a pouch of Pop rocks. It was an evening well spent.

Day 12: Love yourself! Day 12: thirty minutes of me time. Instead of jumping into more work after returning home from my day job, I sat down with one of my favorite pleasure reads and a warm cup of milky chi tea. I put thirty minutes on the clock and enjoyed a half hour of simple pleasures. I love using my new hour glass timer gifted to me by @chercrow. It makes for a peaceful ambiance. I hope everyone had a funtastic Friday.

Day 13: Love yourself! Day 13: do what YOU want. I am starting out this afternoon quite pleasurably. I am about to have a book discussion with a dear friend at one of my favorite coffee shops! So far, today is another wonderful day!

If you missed out on the challenge, have no fear! It is never too late for some self-recognition and pampering. Also, follow me on Instagram @AmyGrvl. I am a ton of fun!