Love Yourself

February, the month of love, full of hearts and chocolate. February 14, the one day a year you can really show that special someone that you care for no other reason than. . .social obligation. People either love Valentine’s Day or they hate it, and it all seems to hinge on the presence or absence of a significant other. But I say, Celebrate Yourself! Regardless of whether you have a special someone, take the time to fall in love with you. Because if you aren’t madly, deeply in love with yourself, how can you expect to convince anyone else to be. While thumbing through Instagram the other day, I came across a post proclaiming February 13 to be self-love day, and I loved it! I literally clicked the little heart button virtually confessing my love for the post.


And it gave me an idea. I would devise my own self-love challenge because showing yourself some love not only helps you appreciate you, but it also allows you to appreciate and love the people around you.


1.     Write down one thing you love about yourself: That is easy enough. Everyone can find one thing they love about themselves.

2.     Wear something you love: It can be an outfit, a piece of jewelry, some killer shoes, or a batman suit, whatever. Just wear something that makes you happy regardless of what anyone else thinks.

3.     Give yourself a smile: That’s right, next time you look in the mirror give yourself a gorgeous smile. When you get out of the shower, smile; when you visit the restroom, smile; when you see yourself in the reflection of a puddle, smile! I love the quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book  Eat, Pray, Love,

“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.”

So give yourself a smile and remember you always have a friend in you.

4.     Indulge: This can be anything that feels indulgent to you. Be it a bubble bath, a piece of chocolate, a specialty coffee from your favorite shop, whatever makes you feel decadent, do it. You deserve a little indulgence.

5.     Make a kick-ass playlist: Pick your favorite songs or songs that are empowering, and listen to it on your way to work and be happy. Be that person jamming out in their car driving down the interstate.

6.     Sleep in: Even if it is only an extra five minutes, hit the snooze button. Or better yet, don’t even set an alarm clock. Greet the day when you are a ready.

7.     Five minute guided meditation: I have been experimenting with meditation lately. It is hard to clear your mind and relax, even for five minutes. So I decided to search for a guided meditation on youtube. It changed my mornings. So go find you a guided meditation and give yourself five minutes of relaxation to focus on being a more beautiful, happy you.

8.     Give someone a sincere compliment: This is one of those things that gives back. Putting a smile on someone else’s face is sure to put one on your own. But make it sincere.

9.     Drink your favorite drink: This can be a special tea, a specialty coffee, your favorite soda, or a drink with a little extra kick. Stop by your favorite coffee shop on the way to work or by your favorite tavern on the way home and raise your glass to you.

10. Write down one of your dreams (not the weird sleep kind of dreams): You get extra bonus points if do one thing today that brings you closer to realizing that dream. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

11. Cook/order your favorite meal: Really treat yourself. There is nothing like the pleasure of a satisfying meal.

12. Take 30 minutes for yourself: This isn’t always easy. Many of you have young children or demanding jobs or other people demanding you entertain them, but find 30 minutes today to do something just for you. It can be watching YOUR favorite show or reading a book or surfing the internet uninterrupted. Take the time for yourself, and it will allow you to have more to give to others.

13. Do whatever you want! It is self-love day! Take yourself out on a date or play hooky from work. Do whatever you want because it is YOUR day to love you however you feel is best!


So that is the list. If you would like to participate in the challenge, I would be honored to have you. I will be instagramming each day so follow me @amygrvl. I might even post my daily endeavors on Twitter. You can tweet at me @tep_editing. I cannot wait for tomorrow to get my self-love on! I look forward to hearing from all of you as you get out there in give yourself a good dose of lovin’!


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no on alive who is Youer than You.” –Dr. Seus