Tell me about yourself...

What a deeply profound and interesting question cloaked in simplicity. If someone that didn't know you asked you to tell them about yourself, how would you respond? Would you give a list of your qualifications? Try to expound upon your personality: shy, adventurous, outgoing?

"I mean I guess the basic info: career, where I live, random fun fact or two."
"Lol, interesting. I would answer with demographics and then the bare minimals that make me me."
"I'd probably tell them things like where I'm from, what I do, hobbies etc. and then maybe a few of my values or qualities I try to live by."

I believe your answer reveals a lot about you. It reflects not only on how you view yourself but how you want others to see you. Granted in most situations you would have some context, but I find the general question much more interesting and thought provoking. Although I have to admit that I struggle with the question even in context. 

I am not just a list of achievements. One label doesn't sum me up. How can I sum up my essence in a couple of sentences? Do I even want to?

"Um...I think everyone should have an answer ready for such a question. But I think I'm the simplest most complicated person I've ever met. I care about everybody and want for nothing. Except a full night's sleep."
"Whoa, that's a good one. You don't want to go too long and give your entire life story I guess. Makes you wonder what really makes you you. Cuz it's probably not where you were born or sh*% like that."

Or, maybe I am just overthinking things.

"I'd say I am an easy going, introverted, momma's boy, love to laugh and make others laugh, who loves his family."
"I'd say what I do for a living, how old I am. That I'm single and etc. But I wouldn't describe, for example, if I'm shy or how I behave and etc. Unless it's a pretty girl and I think she's on to me. haha."

 How much of who we are do we attribute to our jobs, our family? What labels do we give ourselves? I polled several of my friends from all different walks of life to see what kind of answers I would receive. I asked them the simple question from above, "If someone that didn't know you asked you to tell them about yourself, how would you respond?"

"A passionate piano playing photographer painting pictures imperfectly placed on planet earth."
"I am a tough Jewish-American woman from New York. Sarcasm is my second language, but on the flip side I am sensitive and deeply empathetic. I believe in social justice and hold that above all else when it comes to looking at the world."

"I'm a sojourning artist perhaps with a likeness to driftwood in the sense that I am hardened, aloof amongst the waves, and most importantly contently adrift in time, my only true possession."

"I would start with Hello and my name. I Love music; I have been playing various instruments for over 20 years. I am very handy and can fix just about anything. I like to help people; it makes me feel good to do things for others. There is nothing I would not do for a friend. I still have most of my friends I have made over the years. The loyal ones stay around. That is a little about me, now tell me about you!"

"I guess I would say that I am a work in progress who likes a good challenge and is still capable of surprising herself."

"I think I am a very easy going person. I love life and plan to enjoy every moment I can. I love to talk to anyone I meet. The world is full of amazing people and if we cross paths I don't want to miss it."

"I'd tell them I am tall, aloof, loud and disorganized, and that I try to be sincere and kind to everyone I meet."
"I guess I could spend all day explaining who and why I am, but if I had to put it into one word it would have to be "human."

No matter what your response, I hope you are happy with your story. Just remember, at any given moment you have the power to change that story. 

So, tell me about yourself...


On a lighter note, this is Siku. If you ask him to tell you about himself, he will either bark in fear or wriggle uncontrollably. He is unapologetically selfish. He is my little brat, and he loves me unconditionally, even if I accidentally step on his paw.  He has more personality in his stub of a tail than most people have in there entire person.

"The less you reveal the more people can wonder." –Emma Watson